What is Domain Authority (DA) - How To Increase it?

What is Domain Authority (DA) – How To Increase it?

Every blogger starts blogging with a dream. Pennies? No, but everyone wants to see their own article on the first page of the search engine. But, SEO is not easy at all, getting your blog on the first page of the Google search engine is not easy, but it is not difficult either. It totally depends on your search engine optimization. If seen, there are many SEO factors for ranking, but in this article, we will talk about what is Domain Authority (DA) and how to increase it? And I will tell you how DA is important as a ranking factor.

What is DA?

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DA is just a search engine ranking grade that ranges between 0-100. This grade is given by Moz, a popular company that offers several SEO tools in the United States. And, the domain score reflects all the chances of your website ranking in the search engines. This means the higher the domain score, the higher the ranking.

What is Domain Authority (DA) - How To Increase it?
What is Domain Authority (DA) – How To Increase it?

For example, there are two websites, one score is 30 DA and the other is 40 DA. A website with 40 DA will have a higher ranking. Just like a school classroom where the merit of the students is measured on the basis of their marks. Another example is Wikipedia which has a domain score of 100. If you look, Wikipedia’s page is always at the top of the search engine if you search for anything like a celebrity, festival, etc.

There are many factors for Domain Authority. You cannot increase DA in just 10 or 20 days. To increase Domain Authority, you have to work on SEO. It is very easy to increase the domain authority from 15 to 30, but if we talk about 65 to 75 or 75 to 85 then it is very difficult. I hope now you have come to know about DA, let’s go ahead.

How to increase Domain Authority?

To increase your Domain Authority, you can make some good strategies and follow them, and your blog and website better. For example, you need to publish many good articles and wait for time. Apart from the content, there are many other factors that I have mentioned below, so that you can also increase your domain DA.

What is Domain Authority (DA) - How To Increase it?
What is Domain Authority (DA) – How To Increase it?
  1. Quality Content
    Content plays an important role to increase domain authority but remember, not only content but high quality content is very important to accomplish your goal.

Without quality content, you cannot achieve your goal. Neither you will get ranking from search engines nor good and quality traffic.

When you get some readers from your blog but they find your content copy and low quality then they will never come back to your blog. Even Google gives updates to improve the quality of the content.

  1. On Page SEO

On-page SEO is also one of the factors that help in increasing the DA of a blog or website. Whenever you write an article for your blog, you should pay attention to On-Page SEO and maintain the quality. With the help of On-Page SEO, your DA will increase rapidly, what are the factors on-Page SEO, how is it.

Targeted Keywords: It is important to have your permalink and first paragraph from the main keyword that you want to get your post rank. Often focus on long-tail keywords that are easily ranked.

Keyword Density: Many times the use of main keywords in the post leads to keyword stuffing and that affects your SEO and DA ranking. Try to use only 2% to 3% of your main keywords.
Permalinks: The best thing you can do for on-page optimization is to use your main keywords in permalinks.

Meta Description: Remember to fill in your meta description and use your focus keywords in it. Don’t use the key keyword multiple times again.
Heading Tags: This point is also important. Try to use title tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6) as per the requirement.

Optimize Images: Image optimization is very important from the perspective of speed and for on-page SEO. By focusing on this topic, you will be able to optimize SEO, for more information about On-Page SEO, you can read our article.

  1. Internal Linking
    Internal linking is one of the ways to increase domain authority. It helps in increasing your DA as well as overall traffic. Internal linking makes users busy.

Whenever you write a post for it, add links to its old posts related to its content, the post makes it more informative and engaging. If guide the users to take as much information as possible for the particular topic and increase the chance of reducing the bounce rate.

  1. Generate High-Quality Backlinks
    After doing all the on page SEO work, it’s time to build backlinks. But don’t think of building backlinks on any type of website. Here we are only talking about making High-Quality Backlinks.

Suppose your DA is 40 and you are making backlinks from a website of 20 DA then it will not help you much. Backlinks are made from sites that have good domain rights. Also, link to content related to your site’s content, don’t create backlinks to a site that is not related to your site. e.g. backlink to health blog for tech blog

I have seen many bloggers who buy backlinks from sites like Fiverr but in the end, they show up as low-quality backlinks, which causes the blog to harm instead of profit. Don’t miss this round and don’t make the mistake of buying paid backlinks. Try making your own.

  1. Fix Broken Links
    It is very important to fix broken links and it is necessary to remove bad and malicious links for your website to maintain your site ranking in search engines. If you don’t do this then your site will slowly rank down.

The job is similar to building quality backlinks, you have to fix broken links from all the posts on your site. You can use the Broken Link Checker plugin or the Broken Link Finder tool to find broken links.

  1. Domain Age
    Believe it or not, domain age helps increase your site’s search ranking and domain authority. What I mean to say is that if your domain is 2-3 years old then increasing your DA becomes easy.

If your site is not spam then your site will rank well in google search results. But this does not mean that the site with the new domain will not rank in Google.

Good things always take time, so wait.

How to check the Domain Authority of your blog?

There are many tools available online to check domain authority, which allow you to find the authority of your domain. But the Moz Open Site Explorer tool is the best for this. But earlier it was free and now it is paid. You will also receive a free trial before purchase.

But, I am using Small SEO Tools to check DA. it’s free.

For this, you have to follow some steps,

In this way, you can also know the domain authority of your competitor’s website.

Conclusion: So as I said above, you can’t do domain authority in a week or two. You need to work as hard as you can and wait for the result. As I will say again, good things take time. Remember, good da means good ranking in search engines. I hope you understand what I want to explain to you. It is like a number by which you can check your SEO progress. If you have any suggestions regarding this then please do it in the comment box.

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