Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day?

For most Americans, the long weekend could be a much-needed opportunity to reconnect with friends and family and provides a final hurrah before the beginning of fall.

But Monday's holiday holds a way deeper meaning, rooted within the 19th century fight for fair working conditions.

legal holiday was originally designed to honor workers as a part of the American organized labor.

When Labor Day started Labor Day was first celebrated unofficially by labor activists and individual states within the late 1800s, in line with the US Department of Labor.

The big apple was the primary state to introduce a bill recognizing Labor Day, but Oregon was the primary to really codify it into law in 1887.

Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey and the big apple had followed suit by the top of 1887. Joshua Freeman, a labor historian and professor emeritus at the town University of latest York, tells CNN that the vacation developed as unions were commencing to strengthen again after the 1870s recession.

In big apple City, two events converged that contributed to the formation of Labor Day, Freeman says. The convention was an enormous success, and unions round the country started holding their own labor celebrations

What national holiday means At the time national holiday was formed, unions were fighting for "very specific improvements in their working conditions," Freeman said.

Our daily lives go smoothly standing upon the tireless work an service of the workers of various sectors. So, Happy labor Day to the heroes!

Every job deserves to be respected and every man deserves to be celebrated every day.