Serena Williams has dazzled in the U.S. Open

Because the first week of the U.S. Open Championships draws to an in depth, the tennis world, after all the sports world, is enthralled with Serena Williams like never before in her 20-plus years of dominance.

Why? Because she's turning an instant that was alleged to be about her legacy, into a flash about her tennis.

She set the stage for this special Open by writing last month that likely it might be her last. the big apple responded as only big apple could, feting her with video tributes by Queen Latifah and Oprah Winfrey.

The large screens around Arthur Robert Ashe stadium projected a gentle stream of famous faces who came to pay their respects.

The biggest to-do happened the night of Williams' first round match against Danka Kovinic of Montenegro - in fact it absolutely was respectful to induce altogether the messages of "we love you, you are the GOAT Serena" on the tournament's first night.

But truth be told, the way Williams had been playing since she returned from a year-long injury absence, there was an opportunity she may not be around long enough to receive all the love.

But then she beat Kovinic in straight sets. Two nights later, the tributes were there again, albeit tempered, while Williams' game continued to rev up.

i feel these moments are clearly fleeting so on behalf of me it's really about having a touch embrace but also understanding that I'm here to focus, and do the simplest that I can this point.

Williams already can claim a victory of sorts – in a very week's time, she has turned her tournament run from a loving farewell, into an ardent game of how long will she stick around.