Prince Andrew Lobbied the Queen to Stop Charles From Becoming King

Prince Andrew to lobby queen stop charles to be king

Prince Andrew supposedly "Lobbed" Queen Elizabeth ll to stop Charles The King of England, a new book revealed.

Supposedly, Charles and Andrew have experienced a troubled relationship throughout the year, especially after the Duke of he was taken from york military title after a sex Abuse case and relationship disclosure to Jeffrey Epstein.

According to the book, which Camilla's life details, Andrew fought hard Against the Union of Charles and Camilla-who are now king and queen's wife

in explosive biography "Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: From Outkast to Future Queen Consort" author Angela Levine claimed that

Andrew allegedly conspired with Princess Diana and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson to stop Charles being crowned as king before the queen left.

Levine, who wrote about many biographies royal family life Members credits Intel as a "Senior Insider" Who Said Andrew allegedly conspired "Push the Prince" with Diana Charles aside."

Instead of Andrew - now the chief becoming a corgi protector9 would be the king,

William in line for the throne - but only if the queen passes

first For William at the age of 18, book Claimed.

According to a recent book, Prince Andrew reportedly "lobbied" Queen Elizabeth II to prevent Charles from becoming King of England.

Levine said in the book that Andrew treated Camilla in a "very unpleasant" and "toxic" manner because he allegedly believed she was untrustworthy.

According to rumors, Charles and Andrew have had a rocky relationship over the years, significantly after the Duke of York had his military titles removed not due to sexual abuse and connections to Jeffery Epstein.