Meghan Markle Has Awkward Exchanges With Royal Aides

Meghan Markle got caught up in an awkward moment with her husband, Prince Harry, as well as Prince William and Kate Middleton, mourning the loss of Queen Elizabeth, including a bouquet of flowers.

Markle declined the offer and told the assistant that she was going to put them down before turning back into the crowd with the pack still in her arms.

Fill in some textMoments later, another colleague went to pick up the flowers Harry got from a member of the public and then reached for Markle's bouquet.

The "Suits" alum protested at first, but after an aide explained the situation, Markle obliged and handed over the floral arrangement.

Markle, 41, and Harry, 37, joined William and Middleton, both 40, in laying flowers outside Windsor Castle to pay tribute to the late monarch.

The first outing was marked. On Commonwealth Day in March 2020.