Meet Sumner Stroh The Model Behind Adam Levine Affair Claims

instagram model sumner Stroh accuses Adam levin to cheat on him

pregnant wife, Behati Prinsloo, with him.

Texas native, 23, shared Screenshot in Viral Tiktok video of conversation

Allegedly Maroon. was with 5 frontman, 43.

Stroh also claimed that while he and levin don't see anymore to each other,

he messaged her ask permission to name Her unborn child "Sumner."

Adam Levine denied having affair but admitted that he "crossed over" one line."

"I used the poor in judgment speak with any other from my wife inn any kind bubbly Manner."

"I didn't have an affair, Still, I passed line during a sorry time for me Life in some cases It turned out to be unfair. I addressed that and activated measure with My family"

My wife and my I care about family about this World.

"To be naive and stupid enough to take the risk the only thing that really mattered to me biggest mistake can make anytime.

Adam Levine

 i will Don't ever make it again. Take full responsibility. we will get through and we'll get through this together."

Stroh said she initially wanted handling matters privately and I never wanted to come forward. However, he claimed to someone tried to sell in his circle Screenshot for a tabloid.

Stroh also posted a "Part 2" video that he understood "must" because he feels sorry" "embarrassment" and "hatred" oneself.

levin is married Prinsloo, 34, since July 2014.