Central Park Karen Amy Cooper Loses Lawsuit

Amy cooper, white woman Dubbed "Central Park Kareni" After accusing a blackbird her bully guard 2020, lost the case against him former claim that was illegally fired and portrayed as racist.

The content of the viral video, as well as the dialogue surrounding it in both the media and social media, were already subjects of public knowledge."

Cooper claimed that his former Employer, Franklin Templeton and its chief executive

Jenny Johnson upholds his image as a "privileged white woman" Karen" by public statement about firing after that examining Event.

In May 2020, Cooper went viral After the video showed him screaming9 Beader Christian Cooper and calling the police to claim "African American Man" was She was "threatened" when she was walking his dog in central park.

Her suit, filed in May 2021, had argued his call to the police nothing to do with christian race - but because "Extreme Birdwatcher" chose him as a "target" fight between bird and dog lovers,

Cooper was accused of Manhattan District Attorney July 2020 with false reporting An event in the third degree. the allegation was ultimately dumped by prosecutors she attended therapy sessions on racial prejudice, but she still lost his job.

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