Using a Chase Credit Card to Get a Free Hotel Stay

Using a Chase Credit Card to Get a Free Hotel Stay

A chase credit card can help you lower the cost of your hotel stay. There are several ways for you to reap the rewards you can put in for hotel nights and stays. You may also be interested in Benefits and Rewards of Hotel, Travel and Co-branded Cards.

How to get a free way to stay at a hotel with a chase credit card

Some of the best cards for hotel stays are co-branded hotel credit cards, travel credit cards and cash back credit cards.

Hotel credit card

Hotel credit cards associated with a particular hotel brand allow you to earn points at a faster rate when you book a hotel stay using your card. This type of card is perfect for travelers who are loyal to a specific hotel chain. Hotel credit cards may also offer one free night each year after your account opening anniversary.

Travel credit card

Normal travel credit cards allow you to earn points or miles on your purchases which can be redeemed at many hotel chains. Some of these cards award points for travel-related expenses, including rental car and airfare. Other cards may offer travel detail credits each year. For example, the Chase Sapphire Reserve® card provides account holders with a strong statement credit each year to pay for hotels, airfare and other travel purchases.

Co-branded hotel cards

Co-branded hotel credit cards are linked to a specific hotel chain. These credit cards award points for booking a stay at that hotel chain, allowing you to earn more points than a normal credit card. If you’re loyal to a specific hotel chain, signing up for a co-branded hotel credit card may be right for you.

Along with earning points that can be redeemed for reward nights or discounted hotel stays, some co-branded hotel cards may include anniversary nights. That’s when cardholders are given a complimentary hotel night each year following their credit card account opening anniversary.

cash back credit card

With a cash back credit card, you earn points from your spending. You can redeem these points and either deposit them into your checking account or apply a statement credit to your card balance.

How to get a free hotel stay with reward points

Sure, you may be able to use a variety of credit cards to get a hotel stay for free, even if it takes time to get there. Here are some options that may be better for you.

Use Cash Back

Cash back credit cards allow you to earn cash from everyday purchases you make when you dine at grocery stores, gas stations and restaurants. For every purchase made by the Cardmember, they can earn a percentage as Cash Back. The cash back you earn can be deposited into your checking account or as a statement credit. You can save the points you earn from purchases over time and eventually redeem them for cash back for hotel stays.

Book through partner booking portal

Depending on your credit card, you may be able to redeem your Credit Card Rewards Points through specific partner sites or credit card rewards portals, which may include discounted or reward nights. Some credit card companies offer deals for redeeming points through their travel portals. For example, Chase Sapphire Reserve® cardmembers can redeem points up to 50% off their value when booking travel through the Chase Ultimate Rewards® site.

Take advantage of hotel loyalty programs

Signing up for the Hotel Loyalty Program lets you earn points as you stay at the hotel. Most major chains offer hotel loyalty programs, and many programs are free to join. If you have a favorite hotel chain, this is a great way to earn points and save for a discounted night or a stay at a reputable hotel. Programs may also come with additional perks, such as mobile check-in, as you join. Then, you can get additional benefits and benefits as you earn points and climb higher levels in the loyalty program. Depending on the level you reach, you may be eligible for complimentary or discounted nights at several events.

Use elite membership status

Earning elite membership status in the Hotel Loyalty Program gives you additional perks such as room upgrades and late checkout. In some cases, signing up for a hotel credit card can automatically earn you elite membership status.

How to get a free hotel stay within your budget

All of these options may sound great, but don’t waste your budget trying to get a free hotel stay. Here are some things to remember:

When using your credit card to earn points, pay your balance in full and on time to avoid interest charges or late fees. Debt is not a good financial tradeoff for the rewards you can earn.

If you’re signing up for a new credit card, make sure the spending requirements match your budget to take advantage of its introductory offer.

Before signing up for a credit card, compare the annual fee. If you’re not comfortable with an annual fee, look for a card that doesn’t have an annual fee.

Bottom Line: You Can Earn or Deduct your Costs for a Free Hotel Stay

You can earn points by booking a stay at the same hotel chain and save them until you’re willing to redeem them for your stay. Another alternative is that some credit cards and hotel loyalty programs may offer rewarding free anniversary nights. Whatever you choose to do, there are different options for getting a free night at the hotel or decreasing costs.

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