How To Increase Website Traffic for Free in [2021]

How To Increase Website Traffic for Free?

The most important thing to succeed in online business is to learn how to drive website traffic. When there is an increase in the targeted visitors to one’s website, the profits from that website also increase. In the current Internet age we are in, the major search engines provide useful information to Internet surfers. Because of this, it is very important to provide these surfers with free but relevant and accurate information.

It is also important to take into account the entertainment value in this case. In short, your website content is very important to generate traffic to your website. One of the main misconceptions many website owners often make is that they believe that in order to effectively launch their site, it requires an exorbitant amount of money. In today’s online world, there are a large number of free online methods for promotion that are also used by some of the biggest and most profitable businesses.

Simply understanding what these are and how to use them effectively can dramatically increase your website traffic. Here are some of the best ways to increase website traffic and generate more sales for your business without any hassles.

Write Quality Content With Keyword Research:

The first thing you should know is the old myth that if your website has great, well-written content your site will perform well on search engine sites. This is actually true because sites like Google have guidelines regarding what types of sites they will allow to be included in their results. However, your content will only aid your search engine ranking unless you opt for obscure combinations of keywords and phrases that are unlikely to be searched by web users. So you must learn to do proper keyword research for better content opportunities and optimize your content around the keywords that people are actually searching for on the web.

Using an application like the Google Keyword Tool, you can research what the most popular searches are on Google, and apply it to the keywords you include in your content, titles, etc. You can also use some free Chrome extensions for your keyword research and these tools will help you with your insights like search volume, keyword difficulty and CPC data. Once you’ve drafted well-written, keyword-focused content, you can aim to get backlinks.

Forum Marketing:

Another way to drive traffic is by participating in forums that may be linked to your business. There are many online forums and communities of people who share your interests so this is a good way to generate traffic. But of course, you are responsible for identifying and selecting forums that are well-run, well-established, spam-free, and have many active members. In addition, you should also look for forms that contain a signature line so that you can display the URL of your website as a link.

Video Marketing:

You should create videos that are short and capable of conveying the right message to the audience. To increase traffic to your website, it is very important to have a visual backlink of your website. Sites like YouTube and Metacafe are hot right now and offer business owners a great way to promote their websites for free.

With video marketing, you are just creating 3-5 minute long videos and submitting them to video marketing sites. The number 1 site among them all is YouTube, and it is very effective to use to increase the number of visitors to your websites. However, sites like Metacafe also get a lot of traffic. I know Google Video used to be a major contender, but I’m not sure they are as an independent video site anymore. Now when you look at Google Video, you will see that it draws from a wide variety of websites.

How To Increase Website Traffic for Free in [2021]
How To Increase Website Traffic for Free in [2021]

To get started with video marketing, you can get started with free software called CamStudio. Camstudio is available at and it gives you a great opportunity to create screencasts. A screencast is basically a “how to” video where you show a user how to do something. With CamStudio, you can create. swf files or . avi files. YouTube does not allow this. swf files, so you’ll most likely have to stick with them. avi files. Be sure to include a visual link back to your website at the bottom of each video. This way you will motivate people to come back to your website. In the description part of your YouTube video, lead with your website URL as well.

This will allow people to click on your link while watching your video – making it as easy as typing it into their search bar. However, I have seen instructional videos that have people talking to 10,000 or more views. That’s a decent amount of time your video gets views – and don’t let anyone tell you differently. So be sure to use YouTube as a surefire way to increase the number of visitors to your websites. Recommended Reading: What is Video Schema Markup and How to Use It for Better Search Visibility.


Backlinks are an important part of optimizing your website traffic as they will help promote your site to multiple external sites. Having other sites allow your link to be placed on their site also serves as a form of vote indicating that you are a reputable site, meaning you are provided with further push-up search engine rankings. Will go If your link includes popular keywords, it will use your performance when using backlinks, so in the first steps of building your website it is important that you think carefully about the domain name you choose for your site because This can help with your overall SEO efforts. and traffic.

How To Increase Website Traffic for Free in [2021]
How To Increase Website Traffic for Free in [2021]

Simple titles for your content are also a great way in which to appear in search engine results more often, a web user will find a shorter and faster phrase as opposed to a longer one. As well as doing link exchange with external sites to build your backlinks, you can also accomplish this yourself.

Social Networking:

Many website owners are benefiting from social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook and external blog sites. Since these sites get daily visitors in the millions, your posts, status, links, photos etc can potentially be viewed by millions of people. As you can link these sites so that all updates are made automatically, you can notify your current and potential customers of changes to your site/service immediately.

How To Increase Website Traffic for Free in [2021]
How To Increase Website Traffic for Free in [2021]

These sites are also a great way to gain more backlinks through viral marketing as customers can copy your links to their profiles and blogs. These sites are so popular, they are likely to appear high on search engine rankings, and what’s more, they are completely free. All social networking sites and blogs that you own can also be linked to your official site to help drive traffic to all areas of online marketing.

Article Marketing:

One of the most popular forms of online marketing and backlink building stems from article marketing. If you search article directory sites on Google, you will be provided with over 31 million results, which shows how popular this form of marketing is. Article marketing is an ideal way to increase your website traffic while the articles themselves can act as a sales pitch for your service and products, while being informative and interesting. Use Hostinger, A2 Hosting, or HostGator as your hosting provider. If you want to know more about these hosting then you can read in-depth A2 Hosting review and Hostinger review here.

Since the content is not read from your site, the reader is not overwhelmed or obliged to keep visiting your site, but if they like what they read, the use of backlinks within the content can direct them to your site. Is Many of these sites perform high on search engines when searched for specific phrases, so even if your site doesn’t appear in these results, your article might, which means you’ll still be getting some traffic. can.

Blog Comment:

Blog Commenting is another way to get links to your site. What you should do is find blogs related to your product or service and post comments with links to your website. Although you get a Nofollow (UGC) link, it still has some significance and is a great way to build trust in your blog with other bloggers. It is very important that you take the time to review the blog and post meaningful comments that are helpful and related to the blog. This will greatly increase the chances of your comment being approved by the owner. Blog commenting techniques help most new sites to be recognized from other sites and help search engines identify your blog more quickly.


As the field of online marketing continues to grow, we can also adopt methods to increase traffic to our website. The good news is that increasing our traffic can be incredibly easy if we know how to do it effectively. The bad news is that keeping our website traffic high is an ongoing task and covering all bases requires a high level of commitment and planning.

However, by adapting the above factors to your website first, you are guaranteed to see a change in your traffic which will only motivate you to work towards that all-important No. 1 ranking and generate sales for your business. What technology are you using to drive traffic to your website from today’s post? Or you have a better idea, let me know by leaving a comment below.

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